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When done right, cinematic catastrophes can provide onlookers with the ultimate adrenaline thrill. In this case, we’ll turn our attention to Twister’s filming locations. First, those who have seen “Twister” will remember how the film takes audiences through several disaster zones. And sometimes the depiction of approaching storms and the meteorological conditions around them is so realistic that you have to wonder where it was shot.

However, there is a subgenre of such films that contextualizes the real danger of natural disasters. ‘Twister’ (1996) is one of the rare catastrophe films that portrays the real-life dangers individuals have faced as a result of natural disasters. In terms of realism, the film uses certain technical language that is difficult for some viewers to understand. As a result, we will clarify some of the technical terminology and its conclusion later in this post. So here’s a rundown of all the shooting sites where ‘Twister’ was filmed the most.

Where was Twister filmed?  Filming locations for the hit movie

Twister Filming Locations

Twister Filming Locations

The shooting of ‘Twister’ took place in various locations in the state of Oklahoma. The opening scene of the film, where Bill meets his crew. As well as the scene where the squad chases its first tornado in a jeep was shot in Fairfax and Ralston, Oklahoma. Another memorable moment in the film occurs when the storm chasers come to a stop in front of a drive-in movie theater. And a tornado comes out of nowhere. This sequence was partially shot in Guthrie, Oklahoma, while some other parts of it were shot. Specifically, the scene in Melissa’s hotel room was shot in Stillwater, Oklahoma, near the Oklahoma State University campus.

After noticing some significant changes in Oklahoma’s terrain, the producers decided to shoot some of the film’s closing scenes in Iowa. The final sequence of the film, in which Bill and Jo prepare for an F5 tornado, was shot in and near Eldora, Iowa. And the scene right before it. Filmed in Ames, Iowa, the two protagonists run across a cornfield while being chased by a storm. After the main recording of ‘Twister’ was completed, a few additional shots and pick-up shots were made in Bolton, Ontario.

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The Twister Chase

Throughout the movie, Jo and Bill try to figure out how to put Dorothy in the path of a tornado so that tiny sensors in it can fly into the twister’s funnel. And collect all the necessary data when Jo and Bill are unable to place the first and second Dorothy in the expected root of the tornado in time. They are badly damaged. When Jo and Bill can finally place Dorothy III in the tornado’s path, they discover that the entire Dorothy device is too light. As a result, instead of flying directly into the twister, the instrument is pushed down and all the sensors are spilled.

Dorothy’s unstable device makes them understand that they need to do more to ensure the sensors can fly straight out. Aunt Meg’s huge wind chimes inspire them to attach wings to Dorothy’s sensors, making them more aerodynamic. They attach wings to each sensor using soda cans. And as they head into the final Fujita-5 Oklahoma tornado, they leave Dorothy strapped to the truck to give it weight. This, along with the sensors’ wings, eventually causes the sensors to fly up the funnel, resulting in a successful launch.

Twister Filming Locations

Twister Filming Locations

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