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At the point when women’s lodgings are depicted in Malayalam film, the look regularly has been that of a pariah, generally that of a male attempting to get sufficiently close to it or investigating it from a long way away. In Super Sharanya, essentially in its pleasant starting segments, the look is from within, with the content depicting the holding between a gathering of young ladies in a designing school. However, for a film which sets out with such certain means, and an appearing to be planned, the manner in which it wastes everything in the last option half comes as a serious frustration.

Sharanya (Anaswara Rajan), a young lady of low confidence shows up at a designing school away from her home, just to track down the circumstance there much more terrible for somebody like her. Ragging from seniors and her own feelings of dread toward how she is seen by others hauls her down, yet a lot of hostel mates give her some degree of certainty. However, more issues are sitting tight for her, for certain men, including a senior and an educator, creating affections for her.


The film starts with the substance of Anaswara Rajan, playing Sharanya. Straight off, we are given the guaranteed scraps of understudy life that Girish – likewise the scriptwriter – has ended up being great at. The pieces of ragging, in life, companionships, and my top choice – discussions between understudies. Girish some way or another appears to be extremely associated with this age bunch, getting their looks, subjects of interest, non-verbal communication et al spot on. Simply the locations of the four young ladies – Sharanya and her companions – in the inn room are so agreeable.

MovieSuper Sharanya
DirectorGirish A.D.
CastArjun Asokan, Sneha Babu, Anaswara Rajan
Resolution480p, 720p, 360p
Release Date7 January 2022

Tragically however it doesn’t endure. After the trailer came out, it appeared to be that Super Sharanya will be about the companionship of young ladies – a region little investigated in Malayalam film, besides as subplots, or narrating devices. Sharanya’s companions don’t leave in the film, yet the story gets away from them. It some way or another bases on Sharanya being really alluring that men, all around her, succumb to her. In the absolute first scenes, it is set up she is pretty. At the point when she needs to go through a specific ground in her town where men mess around, she wavers, telling her mom, “dislike you, I have some excellence”, and sure enough the men bother her as she rides a bike.