Family Drama Review: SonyLiv Original Telugu Movie This Is Another Cinematic Experience

SonyLiv Original Telugu Movie This Is Another Cinematic Experience – Filmy One

Cast: Suhas, Teja Kasarapu, Anusha Nuthula, Pooja Kiran, Sanjay Ratha, Sruti Meher
Director: More Ladies
Streaming platform: Sony LIV

Ratings: 3.5/5

Our score

Human behavior is one thing at home and another outside of society. Though the idea in mind is the same… the idea of ​​going out for a living is different. All people on Earth ‘act’ to win the battle for survival. The man unleashes his ‘Kaliyuga Maya’ to stay alive,” the director says at the beginning of the film.

Family Drama Review

Family Drama Review: Story

Newly married to Lakshman (Teja Kasarapu). His wife’s name is Yamini (Pooja Kiran). Both are love marriages. Laxman tries to start a business. When he asks his father (Sanjay) for money… he tells him to look for a job. He warns Lakshman that if he doesn’t get a job within two days, both husbands will be fired. Unable to find a job, he kicks his eldest son Rama (Suhas) out of the house. Rama, knowing his younger brother’s situation… meets Lakshman with a plan. What is Rama Plan? What does this family have to do with the serial killer who strangles himself with a knife and commits a series of murders in the city? Is the rest of the movie.

Assessment and analysis

The beginning of the ‘Family Drama’, which looks like a house – six family members – is enough to make the audience sit in the theater (in front of the screen). Although it is director Mehr Tej’s first film… the way the film opens and the approach in the first half is impressive. Especially the characterization of Suhas. Listening to the music… the audience gets a kind of feeling as soon as they see Suhas acting like a movie. Later, his acting becomes interesting. The director took a moment to introduce Suhas and the rest of the characters. Went into the story without any major twists and turns. The twists and turns given to the characters in the story give a little shock and surprise. The film continues and the audience wonders what will happen next. Background music is the main reason for this. Without regularly giving routine music… Ajay – Sanjay tried something new.

Suhas shows as a young man listening to classical music, the background music heard when his character arrives makes the film interesting. However, the story slowed down after a major twist in the film was revealed. Feeling that we are emotionally ‘out of gas’. Tension rises again when the climactic scenes arrive. The film ends with a twist that no one expected. The director wrote a great story with fewer characters. It would have been nice if the scenes in the second half had been written more catchy. He got a lot of support from music directors Ajay – Sanjay. The background music has often supported the film. Cinematography and production values ​​are good. The words were used sparingly. Occasionally drama was cultivated in the scenes. Whether there are murders in a row or people disappear… there is no record of relatives or the police paying much attention.

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Suha has lived up to his role as a psycho-murderer. Led the film with one hand. Every time Suhas appeared on the screen, the movie ran smoothly. Along with him, Teja appeared in another lead role of Kasarap. Pooja Kiran, Anusha Nuthula and Sanjay played different roles. Shruti Mehr’s performance in the role of mother should have been natural.

Family Drama Review: Star performances

Suha steps down with every role he plays as an actor. His career as a short film actor and his growth as a hero are a source of inspiration for many. While watching the movie, only one psycho named Ram appears on the screen. The audience who sees his business style will feel a sense of fear and disgust. Suhas is one of the few people who has naturally played a sadistic role at that level after Tanikella Bharani on the Telugu screen. If Suhas continues in the same vein, it is certain that he will become one of the actors who will raise the standard of Telugu cinema. Teja Kasarapu entertains as Cold Blooded Murderer in the role of Laxman. But Teja didn’t fully own the part. So Suhas floats next to him. Telugammayilu Puja and Anusha performed well. Shruti-Sanjay are impressive as parents.

Family Drama Review: Technical aspects

Director Mehr Tej introduces a new genre in Telugu cinema with “Family Drama”. In fact, movies like this have come up a lot in Bollywood. Notable among them is the “cyst”. Those shades appeared in the family drama. However. How did the modern Ramalakshmans, who were born in the new generation of Shiva Parvats, survive and have to live in Kali Yuga? The approach to telling the mythological theme with modern storytelling is good.

It would have been nice to have taken great care of character arcs. Also, the ending would have made the most sense if a justification had been given to the characters’ performances. If these little precautions had been taken, “Family Drama” would no longer be one of the several movies. As a director, Mehr gave the audience a different cinematic experience.

The background music of the Sanjay-Ajay duo is good. The way Yesudas Tyagaraja has adapted the melodies in terms of narrative is varied. The cinematographic work of Venkatesh Shakhamuri is different. It would have been nice to have the highest quality for DI and colors. It doesn’t matter how dark a themed movie is, color is very important. Coloration is very important along with natural light. The production design is good. Although more than half of the film is set in the same house, the careful approach of not getting the feeling of the location being repeated was a plus.

The last words

Audience that likes dark thriller movies can watch Osari ‘Family Drama’. Moments that give tension are in the film. OTT release so…if you’re bored there’s an option to forward. It would have been even better if the story had been written without repetitive scenes, with the screenplay taken care of in the second half. A little suspense…a little Suhas acting…a little background music…made the film stand out. Included in the Decent watch category.


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