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Quentin Tarantino and Jordan Peele Got the James Bond Poster in the Movie – Filmy One

But there were two issues that derailed this plan, starting with the fact that: The fantastic journey threatened the perfect symmetry of setting the film in ’65.

“There was a discrepancy of which year [Fantastic Voyage] came out,” Wright tells us, “and it was said that 1965 was when it was made and premiered, but 1966 was the main release.” So move the movie setting to ’66, right? Well, there came a bigger one. obstacle to change when Wright showed a rough cut of the trailer – complete with the… Thunderball easter egg – for film-making friends Quentin Tarantino and Jordan Peele.

“I showed the trailer to some friends of mine, Quentin Tarantino and Jordan Peele,” Wright says, “and they both said the same thing. ‘Oh, man, I love that shot with the Thunderball poster.’ So I called the VFX person and said, ‘Hey guys, change it back to… Thunderball. Change of plan, get out Fantastic trip!”

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However, the choice seems right for the filmmaker, especially since the Thunderball poster was one of many real-life dressings that Wright and his team put up on the streets of central London in 2019.

“I think people would be surprised at the movie, how much 60s detail there really is,” Wright says, “because there’s some digital work in the distance where you’re painting modern stuff, but Marcus Rowland, our great production designer, has restored important parts of London’s central London streets.”

He continues: “There is a shot in one of the dream scenes where Matt Smith and Anya Taylor-Joy are driving his car in the middle of Soho and turn a corner, and the camera goes from Frith Street to Bateman Street, so it goes through three blocks. in Soho with one shot, and we shoot that in the summer in central London in Soho, which is a very busy area, and there are times when you take a shot like that and you’ I think, ‘I don’t know if we can pull this off. How are we going to keep the modern world at bay?’ So if it does come together and you get the chance, it’s a good feeling.”


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