Sanak: Movie Review – Sanak has enough good action to keep you hooked for two hours, so get your Dussehra action packed with this Vidyut Jammwal actionaire

Movie Review – Sanak has enough good action to keep you hooked for two hours, so get your Dussehra action packed with this Vidyut Jammwal actionaire – Filmy One

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Vidyut Jammwal is arguably the most unique action star in India right now and his breathtaking stunts are the reason producers approach him for the action movies. So, of course, his movies are made for action buffs, not content buffs. With surprising success as Commando, he established his image and he has carried that with him ever since. He’d made some action-oriented movies after Commando, but none of them were impressive enough. Those two sequels to Commando didn’t score any merit, even though they tried to give it a higher octane in the action zone. Well, now I can say that what those two movies tried to do, I mean to bring great action scenes without going over the top, Sanak has achieved it.

Sanak: Hope Under Siege is an action thriller film that encapsulates the emotion and journey of a lone hero, who, in a limited environment, battles overwhelming odds to save his wife and other hapless, helpless hostages from the perils of evil. The first half of Sanak is very promising as it offers some really good action fights and exciting moments. But unfortunately it loses momentum in the second half where it should have gained more pace and more grip. The screenplay isn’t illogical as we see in most massive bollywood action movies (inspired by South Action), so yeah, in that sense it’s commendable. It’s also enhanced by brilliant action scenes, which thankfully aren’t exaggerated. You’ll enjoy it as much as any Hollywood action entertainer.

Sanak relies heavily on Vidyut Jammwal’s image and he too does not disappoint much as he carries the entire film on his shoulder. His action stunts are definitely watchable, or should I say, that’s all you can watch in the movie. Chandan Roy Sanyal unexpectedly makes a scary villain, but that’s more because of the characteristics he follows, not that he did a great job or anything like that. Rukmini Maitra looks beautiful and that’s the only requirement her character had I think. The second female lead is Neha Dhupia who plays a cop but lacks action and impactful presence. The supporting cast is okay, dialogue is nice at times and otherwise cheap, cinematography is fantastic during action scenes and the technical aspects are decent.

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What Sanak especially misses is the unique writing system. There is nothing new in the script, nor does it try any new techniques. It just follows those old methods, so after a while we start to feel lazy about the whole thing. Director Kanishk Varma didn’t make it to ‘B Grade’ level and that is his greatest achievement. Who knows how bad it would have looked with mindless action and pointless storytelling like we see in mass-focused movies. Overall, it’s a great action spectacle to spend a good festival weekend, so don’t miss this latest release from Disney+ Hotstar.

RATING – 3/5*

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