Night Teeth: Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney must direct their own vampire movie

Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney must direct their own vampire movie – Filmy One

Night teeth is aimed at a younger audience and follows the limitations of the mainstream vampire formula. It fulfills every expectation of the genre in exactly the timing to which the general public reacts. This means that bad characters must die. It doesn’t matter if you like them; samples must be sent by the end of the movie. They might come back a few times, but unless a franchise is planned, the culprits perish. Especially in the post-superhero landscape where truth, justice and “a Better Tomorrow” allow anyone to go on a crusade with a mask, antlers or a cape.

But they’re not going to rock that cape like Megan Fox does, and a lucky filmmaker should drape her like a super-antihero, and let her get away with all the vile deeds. Vampires don’t need to be killed at the end of every movie, and they certainly aren’t looking for redemption. Save that for Blaire and Benny (Jorge Lendeborg, Jr.), who follow the immortal romantic vampire trail into the sunset.

Grace and Eva from Fox and Sweeney are Victor’s bosses. When Victor breaks the truce by killing a human in a safe zone, they get to decide whether he dies or lives in exile. Victor’s proposal is a good one. Remove the protection and the whole city is an open neck.

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Sipping a blood martini, with crimson lips, long black fingernails and a bejeweled hooded cape, Fox’s Grace admits she’s momentarily frustrated. “Do you think when my pool boy leaves a leaf in the pool, I don’t want to string it upside down and suck it dry?” she admits, lit by a fireplace that burns a deep red. I’d like to see a movie that would enable her, and allow her to go on living to do it again.

The vampire protectors of the human world protect humans only out of convenience. Anti-vampire vigilantes like Benny’s brother Jay (Raul Castillo) won’t come knocking, and the local police make sure the blood exchanges run smoothly and by mutual consent. As the overseers, Grace and Eva are delightfully, carelessly cruel. Every sentence carries a bite. They are brash, jaded immortals who love the status quo because they control it.

I admit that in genre films I am always for the villain, the monster, the gangster or the poisonous lobster. I have since I was a kid. They speak to me. But in this movie, the most hostile vampires are the best characters. Rocko by Alexander Ludwig is a breath of stale smelly air. Victor offers a vampire hunter a snack from his own niece. Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney play greedy, narcissistic, bored and cynical majesties, with a right to blood. They are vampire queens and should be given their rule. Fox certainly earned her place as horror royalty.


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