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Heads and Tales Telugu Movie Review – Filmy One

Heads and Tales Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE

directionless stories



UA – Drama

What is the movie about?

Heads and Tales is the story of three girls – Alivelu Manga (Divya Sripada), Anisha (Srividya Maharshi) and Shruthi (Chandni Rao) who have problems in their lives with men in their lives. As they struggle, they learn to fight the problems and stand up for themselves.


Divya Sripada who plays an innocent police officer is the choice of the three women. Her character has an innocence that took an extra bit of effort to perform. She is the most representative of all three and has performed well too.

Next comes Srividya Maharshi who gets the most screen time along with Divya Sripada. She is strictly okay in the character of a budding actress. The scene where she acts as CI is the best part of her. Finally, Chandni Rao gets very little screen time from all three, and also her story and perhaps the execution is the weakest of them all.


Heads And Tales is the story of three women who try to fight back the bad men in their lives and get on their feet. On paper, the concept looks promising. It takes some good writing to come up with solid stories for three of them. Sandeep Raj, the man of the color picture, wrote the story while Sai Krishna Enreddy directed it.

The ‘Almighty’ character has been brought in to add some novelty. But then the modern God concept feels strange, but then the song only comes at the beginning and end. So that’s not a threat to the film. The real problem is in the three stories.

The conflict in the three stories has not been properly established. There’s no real depth to a story, and the audience doesn’t join in with their pain. Except for Manga’s track to some extent, the other stories don’t give an all-encompassing feel. There is no justification as to why and how Venkatesu changes so quickly and how Anisha suddenly becomes brave. Even if the director has a reason, it is not well established.

The last story should definitely have been avoided. The story has no intention or good ending. It’s like the director wanted three stories and got them. The first hour or so is boring and the film only sparks interest when Anisha tells her story and how she warns Manga’s husband. After that, it is rushed again and enters the zone of boredom.

Finally, Heads and Tales is one of those movies that doesn’t do justice to a one-line basic plot. But then it can’t hurt to try it for a digital watch, at least for their honest intent.


‘Heads And Tales’ is all about the three women. There is a bad man in each of their stories. The guy opposite Manga gets a little better part and he was decent. The men from the other two floors failed to impress. In fact, the writing doesn’t give them a chance to do anything.

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Sunil and Suhas will be featured in cameo roles. Sunil is seen as ‘Almighty’ and writes these three stories. Playing God takes a little seriousness. When Sunil tries that, it somehow doesn’t fit the requirement. Suhas is seen in a jovial type of character delivering punch dialogues without an opening. We get the feeling that he is wasted in a meaningless character.

Music and other departments?

Heads and Tales can be made as a very small movie or as a very small OTT exclusive movie. We feel the careful spending of the technical values. However, Mani Sharma’s background score is good in parts. The camera work and lighting feel like a letdown, but given the span and scope of the film, we can’t be too critical. The writing as mentioned before is disappointing with superficial handling. The dialogues have worked here and there and made it feel like going overboard in many places.


Divya Sripada’s Performance
The basic idea


Boring first hour
Bad writing
Hurry last portions

Alternative Take

The film lasts less than an hour and a half. Probably the director should have taken another 20 minutes and come up with better conflict and depth to make the stories interesting. The makers have also announced a second part for the film.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes in parts

Will you recommend it?

Yes, but huge reservations




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