Firsts Season 4 on Dice Media: Romantic short series returns Download

Dice Media delivered the trailer of season 4 of Firsts. The web arrangement will deliver on eighteenth January 2021 on both Facebook and YouTube.

The season four of impending arrangement stars Shreya Mehta and Rohan Khurana ahead of the pack as Janhavi and Kabir.

This portion of Dice Media ‘Firsts’ investigates the subject of orchestrated marriage and how the couple explores through the elements of days before the marriage.

Dice Media’s Firsts is a progression of portions including short web arrangement digging into various topics each time. The principal portion was inspiring with its soft tale about the main pound. The main portion was a gigantic achievement featuring Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora.

The subsequent one was about first moves. It displayed a romantic tale which sprouted during lockdown with the gift of present day advancements and dating applications. The subsequent portion includes genuine couple Kriti Vij and Pranay Manchanda.

The third one investigates the topic of the gay connection between two ladies who move-in-together and leave on an excursion of their firsts together during the lockdown. This portion was quite valued by the crowd for its one of a kind take. It stars Shreya Gupto and Himika Bose

Look at the trailer here:

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