Coven of Sisters – Everything you need to know about the movie

Coven of Sisters – Everything you need to know about the movie – Filmy One

Coven of Sisters – Everything you need to know about the movie

Thanks to the rise of online streaming, internet users from all over the world can easily become aware of each other’s crafts and learn about the variety of cultures that prevail. Yes, we are talking about the Spanish drama Coven of Sisters that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Have you also wondered why? Let’s find out.

The global platform Netflix brings another Spanish drama, Coven of Sisters which is based on the history of Spain, where men accused young women of witchcraft, only to reveal the truth of the Sabbath (a tradition where it is believed that witches perform dances to lure the devil and also promise to mate with them in exchange of loyalty).

In this article we covered all the details of the movie Coven of Sisters that you wouldn’t want to miss. From the release to reviews, everything you definitely don’t want to miss. Just keep reading to the end and we won’t let you down.

About The Movie- Coven of Sisters

Coven of Sisters is a Spanish historical drama film that made its debut in the year 2020, starring the director and co-writer of the film, Pablo Aguero. It is better known as “Akelarre” in Spain. The film features a horror story set in ancient Spain, around the 1600s, and is partly based on true events from that period.

the film, Coven of Sisters is like that savory decorated dish that seems bland to look at, but gives an explosion of flavors as soon as you start eating, and then there’s no turning back. Let’s look at more details for: Coven of Sisters in this article.

Quick info on the movie – Coven of Sisters

Directed by: Pablo Aguero

Genre: Drama, History

Written by: Pablo Aguero, Katell Guillous

Cinematography: Javier Agirre

Production company: Sorgin Movies, Kowalski Films, Lamia Productions

Filming Locations: Zumaia, Guipuzcoa, Spain

Streaming platform: Netflix

Duration: 92 minutes

Trailer of The Movie- Coven of Sisters

Before we continue with this article, let’s watch the trailer of the movie first, Coven of Sisters. Click the play button below to watch.

“There is nothing more dangerous than a dancing woman.” What do you think of the trailer? Does it give you goosebumps with its horror sensations?

When was The Movie- Coven of Sisters release date?

Coven of Sisters premiered on October 2, 2020 in its home country, Spain. It made its OTT debut on the streaming platform Netflix on March 11, 2021, making it available to its audience worldwide.

Who were on the sets of The Movie-Coven of Sisters?

the film Coven of Sisters has a crew of renowned and great Spanish cast. Here is the list of cast and characters for you. Let’s see below:

  • Amaia Aberasturi stars like Ana.
  • Daniel Fanego stars like counselor.
  • Alex Brendemuhl stars like Rostegui.
  • Garazi Urkola stars like katalin.
  • Yune Nogueiras stars like Maria.
  • Irati Saez de Urabian stars like olaia.
  • Asier Oruesagasti stars like Father Cristobal.
  • Jone Laspiur stars like Maider.
  • Lorea Ibarra stars like oneka.
  • Elena Urizi stars like Mrs Lara.
  • Daniel Chamorro stars like Surgeon.
  • Jeanne Insausti stars like Grandma.
  • Iñigo of the Church stars like Sergeant.
  • Teresa Achalandabaso stars like Etcheverry.
  • Ulises in Rome stars like guard.
  • Cristina Yelamos stars like Izaro.

What is the plotline of The Movie- Coven of Sisters?

the film Coven of Sisters is set in the year 1609 in the Basque Country (north to Spain) – the era when superstitions overpowered even basic logic. It tells the story of five women who are falsely accused of witchcraft and are therefore put to death. The five women concoct a wild chain of events to escape or at least delay death. Let’s see what happens in a land of ancient traditions.

The film begins at a point where Rostegui along with his Consejero Salazar, both working for the Spanish Inquisition, encounter the blasphemous flames, while on a mission – the state has given them the duty to find the women associated with Devil. Sabbath, and burn all the women with signs of witchcraft so that they could purify the region.

It was a strange thing. Women were only burned alive if they were suspected of black magic. There was no legal principle that could prevail and that the women were guilty until proven innocent.

Obsessed with revealing the mysterious facts of the widely known ‘Sabbath’, Rostegui and Consejero somehow got the news that the five sisters live in the middle of the jungle, and as suspects they get all five: Ana, Maria, Olaia , Maider and Katalin arrested by the state guards.

Without knowing the reason for their arrest, the women are stripped naked and subjected to harsh interrogation, including torture, only to confess that they were witches and knew of the Sabbath ritual. They were treated brutally and eventually the sisters realized there was no going back. They could only escape if they accepted themselves as witches. And they came up with a plan for that.

The sisters made up a story to get Rostegui’s attention, assuming that doing so might delay their execution; the reason for this was that their fathers were sailors who would return after the full moon night and that they could rescue their daughters. Rostegui, who is so engrossed in believing in the witch myth, believes the false story and gets too preoccupied with it himself.

Now the question is what happens next? Are the girls saved? Are they subject to death? Or does Rostegui suffer in any form? No, we won’t tell you because if you haven’t looked Coven of Sisters but let’s not spoil the curiosity!

Reviews & Awards from The Movie- Coven of Sisters

Coven of Sisters received a IMDb rating of 6.2 out of 10 and a Rotten tomatoes rating of 8.8 out of 10, indicating a mostly positive rating gauge. This historical drama also received a total of nine Spanish Goya Awards and six Feroz Awards in the categories of cinematography and the actors’ performances. In fact, it turns out to be one of the best horror dramas.

What are the reviews for the movie Coven of Sisters?

With all the popularity that Coven of Sisters it has also received positive reviews from both the critics and the public. Let’s see what they have to say about the movie.

Critical reactions

Critics say the film is quite entertaining and well-executed with its pleasing and admirably humble thematic approach. They also like the renditions of the actors and argue that the film conquers an area of ​​interesting ideas and thus progresses masterfully.

Audience Reactions

Not only from Spain, but audiences from all over the world have poured their hearts into the film. They love the storyline and the actors’ performances. They say it’s cinematically beautiful with an incredible story and so definitely recommended.


Coven of Sisters has proven successful all over the world. It offers a clear concept set in the early 17th century, a world in the past. If you haven’t watched it yet, what made you decide to stream or skip it now?

That was all we had to offer for the movie Coven of Sisters. We hope it was helpful. Tell us about your thoughts and thoughts in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. Until then, have fun reading!


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