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Copy Instagram Post link

Friends welcome to our website, and today we are going to tell you in this article how to copy the URL or link of any post on Instagram or Facebook. In this article, complete information about how to copy the link in Android phones and how to copy links to any post of Instagram and Facebook on the Apple iPhone or how to copy links to Instagram or Facebook on a laptop or PC. Going to give

Why do you copy a link to a Facebook post and Instagram post?

If we like any photo or video in any post, and we want to save that video on our phone, then we copy the URL or the link that was the post, and it can be used as an Instagram Saver or Paste into the Facebook Saver website. With which we will be able to save Instagram videos or photos from our phone or laptop easily. That is why in this article we will tell you all the ways by which you will be able to easily copy the URL or link of any post.


Why does an Instagram photo or video need to be saved?

Many times our own photo or video gets deleted from our phone. We have uploaded that video or photo in our Instagram account Facebook account. Now from there, we can go from that photo to our phone or laptop, one way of that is that we can screenshot those photos. But if we have to save only the good quality of that photo. So we will need Instagram Saver or Facebook Saver website. And another thing, with the help of this saver website, we can also save videos, that too in very good quality. And you will find such a website easily on Google.

How to copy links to post on android mobile Instagram?

If you use Instagram in Android mobile, then you can copy the URL of any photo or video very easily, and you can easily save those photos and videos on your Android mobile. And by following some easy steps, you will be able to copy the link, then see the step given below and follow.

  1. The first step is that Instagram should be installed on your phone and you should be logged into the Instagram account.
  2. Open your Instagram app.
  3. Open the photo or video calling you to have to copy.
  4. Click on the three points above the photo or video.
  5. After that, six options will come in front of you, one of them will be the option copy link, click on it.
  6. The link to your post has been copied.

How to copy the link of android mobile Facebook photos of the video?

Copying the link to any Facebook post from Android Mobile is very easy. First of all, the Facebook app should be installed in your phone. Your Facebook ID should be logged in, after which you will be able to copy the link easily by following the steps given below.

  1. Open your Facebook app.
  2. Open the photo or video you want to save.
  3. Click on the three dots above that photo or video.
  4. After that in the last step, you will see an option below, on which the copy link will be written and click on it and the link of your post will be copied.

How to copy links to Facebook or Instagram posts on a laptop?

How to copy the link of any Facebook post in Google Chrome?

i.) Open the Chrome app on your laptop or PC first?
ii.) After that open the official website of Facebook and log your Facebook ID there.
iii.) Then open the video or photo of which you people have to copy the link.
iv.) Then click on the three dot above.
v.) Then you people have to click on the copy link and the link to your post will be copied.


How to copy link to any Instagram post in laptop?

Just like you have opened the official website of Facebook, similarly you have to open the official website of Instagram, and log in there. All the other steps are for people to follow you on Facebook.

How to copy the URL (link) of any video or photo of Instagram or Facebook Facebook on the iPhone.

If you want to copy the link of any post in iPhone, and want to save it in your phone, then you people have to follow the steps with the above Android, and with the help of all those steps, you can also use the iPhone You will be able to copy the URL link of any photo or video.


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