Blue Beetle Movie Concept Art Reveals DCEU Legacy Connection

Blue Beetle Movie Concept Art Reveals DCEU Legacy Connection – Filmy One

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But see that prominent sign for Kord Industries in the background? Ted Kord is a hero who went by the name Blue Beetle for years, and it’s cool to see that this movie will also have a legacy. There’s no doubt that this is Jaime’s movie, but it looks like Ted Kord will be in the movie. Ted was a non-superpowered version of Blue Beetle, and fun fact, Nite Owl’s character in guards was in fact based on the Ted Kord Blue Beetle.

While in the original Jaime origin story, he didn’t become Blue Beetle until after Ted Kord was dead, recent comic book recons mean Ted is still alive and occasionally mentors Jaime. Interestingly enough, at one point, Ted was believed to be the focus of another movie, one that would have brought Blue Beetle and Booster Gold together in what was described at the time as a “superhero buddy cop movie.”

But Ted wasn’t the first Blue Beetle either! Before Ted, there was ANOTHER Blue Beetle, a college professor and archaeologist named Dan Garrett, and the scarab that empowers Jaime originally belonged to him. Will Dan Garrett also appear in this film?

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What’s interesting is that Blue Beetle will be the second DCEU movie to be in the spotlight at DC FanDome, which references a history of DCEU heroes dating back to before the days of Batman and Superman. Black Adam will introduce a modern incarnation of the JSA, legacy heroes themselves, and here we will apparently have Ted Kord. Whether Ted is really present in the film and whether he ever had the superhero mantle of Blue Beetle remains to be seen. In any case, this is Jaime’s movie, and any other Beetles that may or may not make an appearance will be supporting characters, and they’re not the real story here. Still, it’s nice to see that there may be a longer superhero legacy than what we’ve seen on screen so far!

It might be a while before we figure it out, because it doesn’t look like we’ve got the blue beetle movie for 2023. But we can’t wait.

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